Celebrating Creativity and Style

Trailheads Apparel was founded on the idea of giving back. We are committed to making quality, hand-made clothing that expresses humor, style, and the sense of adventure that resides in all of us. In a retail market that has slowly become rigid and stale, we've attempted to reimagine and bring new life to the world of outdoor clothing. We are dedicated to making a difference in our community and hope to inspire others to do the same. *Fifteen percent of all proceeds goes directly to The American Red Cross* 

The first time we sat down and officially created Trailheads Apparel, we wrote the following: "In our journey to come, we aspire to imagine, create, and deliver nothing short of a quality product, in hopes that we may express the importance and undeniable positive impact the outdoors can have on an individual. We wish to give back to our source of inspiration, and allow adventure to challenge and motivate the explorer in all of us. The relationship between man and nature is meant to be mutual, so let us live every day with appreciation and move through the great unknown together."

Live Simply - Chris & Thomas

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Co-Founder & Design

Chris grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio before moving to Colorado at the age of seven. As a kid, he enjoyed anything and everything having to do with two things, creativity and the outdoors. It was hard to find him anywhere else but exploring, hiking, drawing, or writing. Swimming led him to the University of Iowa where he double majored in English and Cinema. While on the team he met Thomas Rathbun. A few years of friendship and hundreds of conversations about their shared love of adventure later, they thought it might be a good idea to start a company together.

His artistic inspiration from Bill Watterson's, Calvin and Hobbes and Charles Schultz's, Peanuts was the basis of Trailheads designs, but has since expanded the company's style while attempting to keep a laid-back, hand drawn feel. 

Chris resides in Iowa City, Iowa. He is currently coaching swimming and planning a major film project that would take him around the world. He lives with his dog Wes and can grow a pretty average beard.




Thomas is quite the product of the Midwest, growing up in Iowa, Michigan, and everywhere in between. As a kid it was hard to get him inside as he had a pure sense of travel and exploration everywhere he went. Hiking, camping, sailing, it didn't matter as long as he was outside. Swimming led him to the University of Iowa, and his love for the outdoors allowed him to find his home majoring in environmental science. He met Chris Dawson their freshman year, and took some time before thinking, hey, I want to start a company with that guy.

His knowledge and experience in outdoor retail helped Trailheads get off the ground in 2017, and has since provided vital insight to a very specific market.

Thomas resides in Greencastle, Indiana, currently coaching for Depauw’s collegiate swim team. The future is positive as he moves towards a world of travel and writing. He has a blog and can almost legally fly a plane by himself.



Photography & Social Media Intern

Joshua is a new addition to the team, and we couldn’t feel luckier to have him on board. He currently attends Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. He enjoys photography and spends his time taking amazing photos and making videos for his school. He has joined to help us with social media and promotion in order to showcase what Trailheads is all about.


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